Diabetes is Growing - Any Knowledge is a Plus

I aspire to understand everything about Diabetes including causes,symptoms,complications and control. I am a Type 2 Diabetic who has spent a great deal of time, nearly every day of the last 10 years or so, researching all aspects. I am happy that my readings have resulted in a better understanding of my condition.
I am a happy and Healthy Diabetic. I want the whole world to have this knowledge. I am aiming to provide all information at no charge. Diabetics are very much on the increase and hopefully all the information presented may enable those who have recently become Diabetic to speed up their understanding.
This home page should be book marked by everyone in the world and further everyone should subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter which will contain a few notes about general topics that will be of interest to a Diabetic. I will be providing all information freely to subscribers. Further, I will be inviting everyone to contribute information that they personally feel would help to further our understanding.
I am going to present every viewpoint so that you will become aware of all complexities . In time and with the help of your writings we will have a site that a Diabetic can go to for all the knowledge available on Diabetes.

Comments on Diabetes symptoms and complications
Your comments about Diabetes symptoms and treatment.
The History of Diabetes Symptoms and Causes.
The History of Diabetes has been defined by its symptoms.
Strategies for Diabetes
Strategies for Diabetes become a reality as we venture to cure or contain Diabetes.
The Diabetes Diet
The Diabetes Diet is not unique.
Drugs for Diabetes
Many Drugs for Diabetes have arisen to Treat Specific Symptoms
Fasting for Type 2 Diabetes
Fasting has been used for thousands of years to allow the Body time to repair itself.
Exercise for Diabetes is essential.
Light Non Strenous Exercise for Diabetes is best.
Stress and Diabetes
When a Diabetic is under Stress the Sugar Level in the Body Rises.
Insulin is essential for everyone and yet too much is a problem.
Insulin is essential for proper sugar handling.
Chromium and other essential Minerals for Diabetes.
Chromium and Other minerals essential for Glucose Tolerance.
Alcohol is not recommended at all for a Diabetic.
Alcohol is not recommended for a Diabetic
Diabetes Education
Diabetes Education is Essential.
Misconceptions about Diabetes.
Misconceptions about Diabetes is amazing considering the Disease is so epidemic.
Just Diagnosed with Diabetes
Just Diagnosed to have Diabetes.
Nitric Oxide and Diabetes
Nitric Oxide is essential for good blood circulation which is most important for Diabetics.
News about Diabetes
Every Day we have Good News about Diabetes.
Comments on Diabetes
Comments on Diabetes from fellow Diabetics is essential to a better understanding of Diabetes.
Cancer and Diabetes have something in common.
Sugar makes Cancer and Diabetes flourish.
Burning Fat is the secret to Weight Loss
Burning Fat between Meals needs to be your goal.
Resveratrol is beneficial to a Diabetic
Resveratrol can make a diabetic more sensitive to Insulin
Kefir and Diabetes
Kefir and Diabetes control becomes easier in many ways.