Millions a Found to be Allergic to Sugar.

Allergic To Sugar - I am a Diabetic but NO.

Allergic to Sugar-Yes-perhaps it would be a way of simplifying things in relation to Diabetes .The solution would be simple.Take away the sugar.Of course the fact that bread,fruit,rice and nearly every food we enjoy contains some form of sugar makes the problem a little more complex.Can you imagine an eskimo eating sugar - perhaps we should consider the Diet of an eskimo from yesteryear before modern food.
if a person is diagnosed to have a Food Allergy the obvious solution is to stay away from the Allergen . For example if you are allergic to nuts the Doctor would simply tell you not to eat nuts. He certainly would not give you a Drug that would enable you to be able to eat nuts.Why Not.?Simply because a Drug is only a Short Tern Solution. Then, I ask you why do so many medical Practitioners prescribe Drugs for Diabetes -most often Type 2 Diabetes Not Type 1.The Doctor realizes that the Drug will be a short term fix perhaps 5 to 10 years and then the contraindications from larger drug doses would mean that Insulin injections would be the only safe bet.
I wonder how much damage drugs do before the inevitable real solution Insulin injections are needed.If you have started with Drugs and have moved onto Insulin injections we would appreciate some comment.We need to know how long the drugs have been effective and also whether you did reduce your sugar intake to cope.

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