Benfotiamine will allow the value of Vitamin B1 to be in the body longer to do its job .

Benfotiamine as a treatment for complications of diabetes.

A Man-made Fat-solulable version of Vitamin B1 known as Benfotiamine is now available and found to be useful in dealing with some serious Diabetic complications such as retinopathy and Neuropathy. A fat-soluble version of Thiamine is not easily excreted by the body and so has more time to do its job in fixing nerve type problems.
In combination with a man made version of Vitamin B12 called Methylcobalamine or Methyl B12 the 2 have more time in the body to fix Diabetic related nerve complications. These 2 products seem to have no contradictions and safe in high quantities and so there is hope for Diabetics that have some amount of nerve damage.If you have tried these products please let us know how they have improved your diabetes.

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