Brussel Sprouts are a must to complement any meal even breakfast.

Brussel Sprouts and its Nutrients.

Brussel Sprouts contain all the important minerals and vitamins necessary for cell growth and care.The Pancreas and the Liver seem to get a new lease on life with some quantity on a daily basis.
There are many ways that you can have them and you don't need to eat them raw initially.Dwayne McCulley who wrote Death to Diabetes had them for 7 days for breakfast lunch and tea and reduced his blood sugars by half.Are you a Diabetic?.Have you experimented with them. Let us know if you have found them to be beneficial and in which way and quantity you have had them.

I find them to be a great snack an hour or so before going to bed.You really don't need more than a couple to add to each meal.

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