Burning Fat between Meals is the necessary step to achieve weight Loss and good health.

Burning Fat results from reducing carbs in each meal and so it means you need to eat more fat and protein to burn fat.

Burning Fat is definitely a must if one is to maintain good health and well being.
Dr Vincent Bellonzi is very adamant about this fact and makes note that eating less sugar is your number one priority.

I have always thought that one should give the body a good deal of rest between each meal to aid digestion. However, I do recall that if I ate sugary foods I was keen to eat more within the hour.It seems that we need to eat food rich in Fat and Protein so that we don't get hunger pains and so we can allow the body to completely digest the last meal.I would appreciate comment from those that have managed to eat only say 3 meals a day and also their experience with hunger pains and the sugar content of food.Please note that Diabetes Type 2 most likely arises from eating too many meals a day with carbohydrates being the main part of each meal.

Diabetic Strategies