Butter has well documented history of its worth.

Butter history and making.

Butter versus Margerine

It is one of my most important food items I turn to when I need to increase the fat content of my meals.

Only recently, I have found that I can eat foods that I found difficult to digest by adding this important food item. For example ,I do enjoy cheese and at times I possibly eat too much and have consequently difficulty digesting what I have eaten. However,if I include this special fat I find that it prevents me from eating too much and also I find that my body handles the digestion of such a rich meal very easily.

I now try and add this special fat to nearly everything I eat.

It is great on vegetables,meat and definitely enhances sauces and gives any soup extra body and flavour.

I know I need to have a much greater proportion of Fat than carborhydrates or protein in each meal; and a fat that is easily tolerated by my body.

If you can find an organic form then you are really eating something that has great worth for maintaing good health.

A Food item that is organic is best.

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