Cancer and Diabetes both benefit from Less Sugar in the Human Body.

Cancer and Diabetes - a Ketogenic Diet seems to be the Answer.

Cancer and Diabetes both grow with the presence of sugar.If one can reduce the sugar intake without going crazy then a measure of control could be achieved.It seems that scientists have noted that cancer will not grow in the absence of sugar and in the past this knowledge did help some who could maintain a high fat diet.Obviously a diet devoid of sugar would reduce the blood sugar level and lead to better control of Diabetes Type 2 as well as Diabetes Type 1.Dr Bernstein a Type 1 Diabetic found that he was able to reduce his Insulin intake and consequently improved health resulted.
You may wonder why all of us Diabetics don't go on a High Fat Diet and solve all our problems.We are it seems stuck in a world where every food item that we have enjoyed or that we see displayed on a supermarket shelf contains sugar - and who can eat fat anyway.
However with a little education one could follow a Fat or ketogenic diet quite easy.I have now for nearly six years.In the beginning I struggled badly - can you imagine running a smorgasbord restaurant with 10 homemade sweets -even pavlova for nearly 21 years. Years ago I would rarely have a day that I did not consume at least 4 sweets and bread - I loved my homemade bread.
If you want to feel good and young and sugar is a problem - the solution is obvious. If you are a Diabetic and have tried a High Fat diet we would greatly appreciate comment.I will provide more of my experience with Fat eating and how I have managed to survive with little carbohydrates.Please keep in mind that a High Fat Diet is not a High Protein Diet and carbohydrates eaten are mainly above the ground vegetables and yes animal fats are included. Don't despair if you are a vegetarian you can increase your saturated fat intake by including young coconuts and avocado.I will be presenting more information in my e_newsletter each month so don't hesitate to subscribe.

Cancer and Diabetes may not result from eating fat -Taking the Fear Out of Eating Fat By Lori Lipinski - This article may provide fuel for considering Fat as a Necessary part of our diet.