High Bad Cholesterol and Diabetes can result in Atherosclerosis

Cholesterol and Diabetes
The message about the problem of High Cholesterol and Diabetes is well documented.Nearly everyone is encouraged to check their Cholesterol as well as their Blood Sugar readings. There is obvious concern if the Bad Cholesterol is too high.The Diagnosis of whether one has a good or bad lipid profile has gained perhaps too much importance.Doctors may at times be a little quick to try and bring down a bad cholesterol level using Drugs.This is one situation where perhaps fixing the symptom may cause more problems than expected.
The human body needs cholesterol and it makes normally enough and still the balance between good necessary cholesterol and bad cholesterol may be merely a result of lifestyle.A friend many years ago was diagnosed to have undue high bad cholesterol and was asked to restrict eating food items rich in cholesterol such as eggs.My friend was a very fit man at the young age of 38 and yet he contracted cancer and died shortly after.High bad Cholesterol is dangerous for a normal fit person - obviously it would be disastrous for a Diabetic.There have been quite a number of studies looking into Cholesterol and it seems that if you have a healthy body your bad cholesterol is contained by a very high Good Cholesterol.The trick should be to force the Doctor to make you increase your good cholesterol and then the balance between good and bad will improve.My Diet that engenders High Good Cholesterol needs to be followed and Bad Cholesterol Lowering drugs should be put back in the cupboard. Every day I seem to find reasons for ignoring Cholesterol levels for it seems that more and more researches are finding that you die if you have low cholesterol levels - you don't die if you have low cholesterol levels. Foods rich in Cholesterol ie eggs and animal fats are very important to the well being of the human body.If you have a cholesterol problem comment on your progress will be of great benefit to us especially if you are a Diabetic.

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