A Cure For Diabetes - Repair the Pancreas

A cure for Diabetes Type 1 also.

We have a possible cure for Diabetes Type 1.It has been noted that an injection of a substance which clears the neural pathways of a pancreas can bring a bad performing pancreas back to nearly normal. If this procedure, which was used on a Type 1 diabetic dog, could be implemented on humans we would certainly all jump up and down with joy.

There is a school of thought that considers stress to make certain organs of our body perform less than optimum.In fact the Pancreas could be such an organ because it may give up producing Insulin when there is too much pressure on it to do so. Further it may also be infected in some way and perhaps a chemical which can kill the infection could free the Pancreas to perform as normal again.Obviously the scientist who took the gamble on their Type 1 Dog must have presumed the substance they injected could provide a kick start for the body to repair itself.

I will be doing more research on this one and mention any further good news in my first monthly newsletter.

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