by Cynthia

Cynthia (me) Talkng to a Diabetic After My Dad's Lecture

Cynthia (me) Talkng to a Diabetic After My Dad's Lecture

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank you for the nice article you wrote about DeWayne McCulley (he's my dad) on your web page

And, it's great to see others like you fighting this disease and helping other people.

Concerning the videos, my dad had started out giving very technical lectures, but I was able to convince him to cut back on the medical terminology and focus more on his story. And, so over time, his lectures have become very entertaining yet still informative.

His diagrams and charts have evolved over time to accomplish 2 things: to convey information and to demystify the complexity of the disease. And, since most people like pictures, it has been very effective.

If you go to you'll see some great slides.

There a lot of people who have reduced their medications, got off their medications completely, refer to the testimonials at:

And, there's a lot more we just haven't had time to go through them all.

You're right about the exercise -- my dad could barely walk, and couldn't exercise so he focused on the nutrition. As a result we learned something very powerful: you can lose weight even if you don't exercise! In fact, exercising improperly is just as bad as not exercising.

As my dad has stated many times, there are 3 reasons why he was able to recover from a near-death diabetic coma and beat the disease:
1. God and the power of our inner spirit -- it fuels us and gives us the strength to fight the negativity, the doctors and their drugs.
2. Support system -- my dad believes he would still be diabetic if we hadn't left Pennsylvania to come take care of him.
3. Engineering skills -- I helped my dad collect and record his blood glucose (BG) readings because his eyesight was failing him at that time. My dad was able to analyze the data to figure out what he needed to do. and, because he was testing his BG 7-8 times a day, he collected a lot of data very quickly. And, was able to implement the corrective actions.

As a result, he was able to slowly wean off the insulin 1-2 unit at a time from 60 units eventually down to 0 units -- in 3.5 months. As a result, he overcame the "insulin addiction trap" that many diabetics fall into unfortunately.

If you listen to the telephone testimonials at you'll hear a woman (she's the last caller on the audio clip) talk about losing weight and she's in a wheelchair!

p.s. CORRECTION: The link "Death to Diabetes Cure" should go to not (which is an older website).

Again, thank you for your kind article.

Cynthia, a proud daughter

p.s. I skimmed your website -- you have a lot of good info, but you need to add a couple areas that were critical to my dad's recovery:
-- cleanse/detox
-- how to get your doctor to work for you (the 3 key questions you should always ask)
-- BG analysis/recordkeeping
-- knowledge/education beyond the standard ADA stuff
-- avoid standard nutritional supplements -- they're mostly synthetic and have very little if any nutrient value, including mineral supplements.
-- Also, you should avoid the Food Pyramid -- this pyramid is designed to make you diabetic!

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