Death to Diabetes Cure is a solution to diabetes for Dwayne McCulley - Why Not me too?!

Death to Diabetes Cure

Death to Diabetes Cure is surely a must to read or understand by all Diabetics.I have below some videos of the man explaining his plight and detail of the solution.Dwayne is very entertaining and his diagrams and explanations are quite unique - they simplify the concepts of Insulin resistance and give nutrition a very simple image.I really enjoyed these videos - I am sure you will too. You should check out his web site and please note that his book is now one of the top-selling diabetes book on If you have followed Dwayne McCulley and succeeded in reversing Type 2 Diabetes we would be very grateful for some comment. Dwayne does give exercise some importance in his plan and it is noteworthy that initially he was so ill he was bedridden - he needed his daughter to help him and his sister and mother to cook and take care of him. I doubt if he did any exercise in the few weeks out of hospital.If you have an idea about the reason for his incredible recovery we would appreciate it.Enjoy these videos.

5 great videos follow:

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