The Diabetes Diet followed by The Diabetes Associations Around The World.

The Diabetes Diet followed by Diabetes Associations in the world is at present the Pyramid way of eating.
They do stress that carbohydrate intake should be biased towards more of the complex carbohydrates but they still expect your daily intake of food to be made up of at least 60%Carbohydrates ,25 to 30% protein and only 10 to 15% fat.
It is interesting to note that our ancestors would have found difficulty following a food pyramid. We are lucky in that we can have an apple a day for each day of the year.We have a ready supply of good nutritious and varied foods; and, still in the modern world, Diabetes is prevalent and growing.

Tips from the American Diabetic Association

The Optimal Diet

Atkins Diabetic Diet

Life without Bread

The Gabriel Method

Other Low Carbohydrate Diets.

The Answer to Diabetes
William Banting -the 1st Low Carbohydrate diet
Eat Fat and Grow Slim
Eat Fat Get Thin
Eat Fat Lose Fat
Gary Taubes -Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Special Foods

Coconuts and Coconut Oil

Garlic is a must for Diabetes

Brussel Sprouts is an extremely important vegetable for everyone.

Butter has become my secret weapon for good health

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