The Herbs and Minerals answer to Diabetes - Diamaxol.

Diamaxol is a combination of herbs and minerals to produce a cure.

Diamaxol is a product that is pushed to be a guaranteed solution to maintaining normal sugar levels in the blood. The ingredients are all now well documented and most have been tried by us Diabetics.
The company that manufactures this product does stipulate that the mix and quality of the ingredients is really what makes the product so good. We would greatly appreciate any comments from those who have used the product or some of the ingredients. Namely,Banaba,Bitter Melon,Cinnamon,Gymnema Sylvestre,Huckleberry,Chromium,Zinc and Biotin.
I don't know about you but I have tried a number of pills with some or all of these ingredients. I remember adding cinnamon to nearly everything I ate when Cinnamon gained Diabetic importance ; I did not notice any major change in my sugar levels. Perhaps we need to consider our Diet and how much exercise we do whilst taking these Herbal cures.Then ,of course,are the herbs making the difference or the Diet and exercise.
We are keen to know which Herbs are being taken and how certain are you that your good health is largely attributed to the Herbs in your Diet. We are waiting anxiously for your comments.
I need your comments to add to the news on diabetes in our monthly newsletter.

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