Drugs for Diabetes are normally recommended to treat the numerous symptoms.

A majority of Drugs for Diabetes are a quick fix in alleviating or reducing symptoms.

It is common knowledge that Drugs do not cure a major illness like the Common Cold or Diabetes and still when a person is first diagnosed as being a Diabetic there are many Doctors who begin prescribing Drugs for diabetes immediately. Obviously a Doctor has a library of Drugs which pertain to Diabetes and one could say that the Diabetic is the stooge to try out these new drugs. Most Doctors realize that the Drugs are habit forming as well as the fact that they are centered only on alleviating the Symptoms - they are not a cure.
A Doctor has done his job by recommending one or more drugs to fix a symptom. The problem does arise several months or so later when the drug needs to be doubled or tripled in strength to do the same job. The real problem starts when a larger dose will only cause harm for all Drugs have contradictions. Well one might say why start with Drugs in the First Place. Perhaps then the Doctor should be used to diagnose an illness but not to fix a problem for invariably his study has been in the main a study of Drugs to alleviate a symptom in a hurry.
My Doctor was very honest and did not push drugs my way on first realizing that I had Diabetes Type 2.He was keen for me to see a Dietition and start the hard road to try and cope with Diabetes using Diet alone.
We will be interested to receive comments from fellow Diabetics in relation to the advice and early recommendations for treatment of Diabetes when first diagnosed. I wonder how many were immediately introduced to a Drug.

Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes
There are basically five classes of drugs for diabetes normally provided in Pill Form namely :
      thiazolidinediones and
      alpha-glucosidase inhibitors.
Drugs can be used to provide one or more of 3 outcomes; that is,stimulate the Beta Cells of the Pancreas to produce more insulin,stop the liver from producing too much glucose or make the cells in the body more receptive to sugar.
In the Main the Drugs that do not try to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin are becoming more popular.
We would appreciate comment about the drugs you are taking and contradictions if any. Have you tried more than one drug?.Have you increased your dosage or if not has your doctor advised you that the dosage may need to rise?.
The answers to these questions will provide fuel for comment in our monthly newsletter.

Check Cholesterol and Diabetes

The most prescribed Drug for Diabetes Type 2.

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