E-newsletter # 1

I apologize for taking so long to start writing my 1st e-Newsletter.

Time is Short:
I have been very busy indeed - and you know that it is difficult for a Diabetic when too much excitement is around every corner.

My Notes on Diabetes:
I have been selling my Notes on Ebay for over 2 years now and I do gain a lot of satisfaction from my communication with those who have Diabetes.

Lack of understanding of the Diabetic condition is paramount:
I think the main problem I find is the lack of understanding in relation to Diabetes. In particular I find that many diabetics think that they are going to be cured and be able to return to eating sugar items. I stress " Sugar items"- for many Diabetics are fooled by the media in thinking that low Glycemic foods are good for a Diabetic. It is so easy to ignore or forget the obvious and that is we should refrain from eating Sugar and sugar producing food. A low Glycemic meal may take a little longer to digest but the result - a lump of sugar an hour later, is a problem for a Diabetic.

What is sugar?.
I always surprise Diabetics when I remind them that cereal is sugar. I always get the response but there is no sugar on the nutrition label - only carbohydrates and fibre with little fat.I reply but what is carbohydrate when digested.Oh yes sugar! most will exclaim half in surprise that they know. Is it common sense to eat foods rich in carbohydrates when we have a body that finds great difficulty in processing sugar. Further I surprise Diabetics when I remind them that fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. I seem to get the response but eating fruit is eating healthy. Again,the media has done a good job in selling the idea that to be healthy you need to eat 3 to 4 fruits a day. I know that the normal body with the aid of insulin can bring a high sugar intake back to the normal range within a matter of minutes. Alas,the Diabetic body may take a few days to lower the sugar level in the blood and of course this is assuming you don't eat sugar or food producing sugar for the couple of days.A type 1 Diabetic is quite different from a Type 2 Diabetic since his body is very sensitive to insulin and when insulin is introduced into the body for a Type 1 diabetic the blood sugar levels return to normal quite fast.

Insulin insensitivity - Type 2 Diabetes.
You see the Type 2 Diabetic is insulin insensitive and that is the main reason why the sugar level remains high in the body even when insulin is present. The word diabetes denotes high sugar levels in the body.The Type 1 Diabetic has high sugar levels because his pancreas does not produce insulin at all whereas the Type 2 Diabetic has a sick body as a result of poor lifestyle and even though the pancreas produces insulin it is not fully recognized and so it is an ill working body that maintains high sugar blood levels.

Why eat food that makes you ill?!:
I realized many years ago that sugar and sugar producing foods was my problem and simply my logic took over and stopped me from eating foods that I once enjoyed immensely. Bread,Pasta,Rice,Potatoes etc. I gave up completely - it was easy.If you know that you will feel awful if you eat the wrong thing then it is easy to not eat the wrong thing.

You need reminding - Do the Test:
Perhaps you need reminding.Do the following test.Take your blood sugar reading before and after eating a slice of bread and do the same for all the items you know you should not eat. Note your sugar reading an hour after ,two hours after and 3 hours after with each item you know you should not eat.

Please allow for the MIND-BODY Connection:
Please perform this test when you know you will not be stressed or excited or unrelaxed because emotion will surely affect the readings .You will begin to learn that certain foods will raise your sugar level and also that it will take quite a deal of time to bring the level back down again.You can bring the sugar level down by taking an appropriate drug or herb but the damage will already have been done by introducing too much sugar into the body.

Note the Damage caused by Insulin:
The damge to the body is not directly from the sugar because when we have a body full of sugar we do pass the excess through our urine. The damage to the body has been noted to be the increase of insulin in the body. When we eat sugars our body will start producing insulin to try and store this excess sugar. However, if the body has continous high insulin levels quite a lot of problems begin and in the short the body degenerates and all aspects of the body will suffer in consequence. If you want to feel good and happy as a diabetic you must reduce the level of insulin in the body.

This point holds true for Type 1 Diabetics as well.
Dr bernstein found that when he was taking only a sixth of the insulin he had to take because of his sugar diet his body started to repair itself and his muscles started to grow.

There are a lot of foods that a Diabetic can eat:
If you are a diabetic don't give up it is not the end of the world that a Pizza makes you sick or that you cannot drink fruit juices.There are a lot of foods a diabetic can enjoy and it is great to know that your body is mending on a daily basis.

Don't make the excuse that you are too old:
Don't worry about your age.I remember 10 years ago when I could hardly move without pain- I surprised some guests the other day when I bounced up to run the length of my Restaurant ,a good 120 feet literally flying. I returned with hardly any loss of breath and of course no semblance of pain from my bubbly effort. It was a run a little boy could do to show off - yes I have become a 58 year old little boy.

I could write a little more but I will leave you to consider and digest what I have written until next time .

Keep fighting.
Your Diabetic Friend


PS: I would love to provide my phone number and contact information but alas I am still working many hours running my restaurant etc.
I look forward one day when I retire and can spend the whole day chatting to make diabetics happy and healthy like I have become.