Exercise for Diabetes must be Every Day.

Exercise for Diabetes

Exercise for Diabetes improves Insulin insensitivity and will lower you sugar level.It is wise to test yourself before exercise for if your readings are high you will create a Stress situation which would more than likely increase your sugar level.
Walking,Swimming,Dancing and a game of golf are all very suitable to keep you healthy as a diabetic.You don't need to exercise at the same time each day - make sure you are calm and relaxed before you exercise.
Food is very important consideration in relation to exercise.If you are a Type 1 Diabetic or a Type 2 Diabetic on Drugs then it may be essential to bring a snack along in case the exercise makes you reduce your sugar level a little too much Type 2 Diabetics who are not taking drugs have little chance of reducing their sugar level to a dangerous level since the liver will kick in with more sugar if stress arises from over exercising.
It is interesting that certain Diets require you to exercise more than others. For example the Pritikin Diet required a good 2 to 3 Kilometer run every day - to burn some of the sugar from a diet of at least 80% carbohydrates. Conversely a person on a Fat Diet needs to do very little exercise since the Body is working all day internally changing fat to energy - normally one needs to do a lot of exercise for Fat to be consumed.
We would greatly appreciate your comments about your experience with exercise in aiding your Diabetes.

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