Fasting is a good well tried first step towards a Solution for most Health Problems.

Fasting could Reverse Diabetes Type 2

When we cut ourselves the Body will repair the cut. If you are healthy and young the cut may be repaired in a matter of days. We normally assist reparation by protecting the cut with a bandage and possibly some anti infection cream. The cream does not repair the cut - the human body does have the tools to fix itself.
To facilitate repair of the body in relation to being more sensitive to insulin and being more receptive to sugar a Fast may be a solution worth trying.
It has always been accepted as a means of cleansing and resting the human body enabling a new start.

We would certainly appreciate comment from a Diabetic who has been successful in reversing Type 2 Diabetes using this knowledge. The process to bring the sugar level back to normal may take as little as 3 or 4 days depending upon the age of a person.

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