The are many Herbs for Diabetes.

Herbs for Diabetes

Our Doctor should provide knowledge about Herbs for Diabetes before recommending a Drug.

We have all been excited by the prospect of finding a Diabetes cure from Herbal Medicine.Quite a number of Herbs have gained popularity because a number of articles have made positive claims in relation to their use for Diabetes .
There are many herbs that have entered the market in the last 20 years namely:-
Ginseng,Bitter Melon,Gymnema Sylvestre,Fenucreek,Gingko Biloba and cinnamon to name a few. It seems that we depend upon the manufactures of pills to bring out another Herb that has been linked to possibly be useful for Diabetes.
There is much information from Chinese herbs and Indian herbs on the internet and yet the Diabetic Associations around the world have not fully accepted these claims that Herbs offer a cure for Diabetes.

If you are taking a herb supplement please provide comment on its efficacy for Diabetes.

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