The History of Diabetes has been defined by symptoms such as high thirst and frequent urination.

The History of Diabetes provides us the experience of many symptoms that we now associate with Diabetes.It was not until the 1920's that insulin was found to be able to reduce the sugar level in blood.
The Idea that a Diabetic body contains too much sugar in the blood had always been noted in the past.It seemed obvious that possible cures for Diabetes might involve some method which would reduce the sugar in the blood.
Urine was checked for sugar in the early days for the non diabetic body does not contain any sugar in the urine.It seems that cures or treatment have been directed to solving the Diabetic condition by reducing the symptoms and not much work has been done on the causes of diabetes. The future hopefully will start to make ground on what actually causes the Diabetic condition.
I am hopeful that contributions by diabetics will make this web site expose the knowledge of which treatment is working out there in the world.We will be providing a monthly newsletter highlighting progress in treatment and hopefully more knowledge of the underlying cause of diabetes.
The following provide helpful historical information:-

Weston A. Price

H. Leon Abrams

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