Insulin is essential but how many realize that too much is a problem.

Insulin is essential for the Human Body.

Insulin is essential to a human being for it is produced by the beta cells in the Pancreas to push sugar into cells and further to store any excess sugar for later.
The Type 1 Diabetic does not produce any Insulin and so it is essential to inject a quantity on a daily basis to keep the body functioning or to stay alive.
The Type 2 Diabetic does still produce some insulin but not as much as is required by the body and so Insulin or a drug stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin or a drug making the cells of the body more sensitive to insulin is required. Insulin is essential but too much is a real problem.

Insulin has been noted to be a problem if it is in excess in one's body.
An article by Ron Rosedale MD. should be read by everyone for it deals with Insulin and especially the contradictions when too much is taken.I recall years ago when I questioned a Diabetic anxiously about the common sense in eating a large plate of sweets.The Diabetic replied very confidently that he could do so because he had taken a larger dose of Insulin.
There has been a change in the usuage of Insulin especially since Rosedale wrote his article on Insulin and its Metabolic effects.

Recently a Type 1 Diabetic has told me that his Doctor had reduced his Insulin dosage and that he had plans to reduce it further.He also stated that he was feeling very happy and healthy as a Diabetic.

Further it is important to note that Richard Bernstein has been taking one sixth of the Insulin he was taking when first diagnosed with Diabetes.Dr Bernstein would not be able to normalize his sugar levels if he took large doses of Insulin.
It is important to note that High insulin levels in the body can effect the level of essential minerals and can thus cause a lot of problems health wise.
I would appreciate some comment on your usuage and especially if you are on a program to reduce the dosage you are taking.

Dr Whiting is very much aware of the need to reduce Insulin Levels to Achieve Normal Blood Sugar levels.

Dr Mercola has definite concern if a Type 2 Diabetic takes Insulin. He is quite adamant that everyone should have their Insulin level checked.

Dr Mercola tries to keep his Insulin level around 2. He states that if the Insulin level is too high then longevity is threatened with all our modern diseases including Diabetes.

Dr Mercola insists you should lower your Grains input

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