Just Diagnosed with Diabetes - Your Not Alone.

Just Diagnosed to have Diabetes

When I was just diagnosed to have Diabetes I knew then I was in trouble.My Doctor he was very sad for me.It felt like he had found a problem that was going to give me an awful time for the rest of my life. He was right to a degree for it has been a struggle trying to understand how to cope with a disease so common and yet so unbelievably confused.We seem to have very clear knowledge on the symptoms and the awful complications that ensue if one's sugar levels are not kept under control. However, when it comes to finding a cure or a diet to reduce the sugar level there is a lot of confusion out there.
My advice initially is to sit back and wait a little for a lot of information will appear and you do need to be patient.
We will try to guide you but please keep your mind positive for there are many Diabetics out there who are coping and living long lives as Diabetics. I will be keen to hear your comments on the road to understanding - perhaps I will reserve a little spot for new diabetics in my newsletter each month.

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