Life without Bread

Life without Bread

Dr Wolfgang Lutz and his Book "Life without Bread" makes very interesting reading for a Diabetic. Everyone should purchase the book for it presents a very powerful case for low carbohydrate eating.
Dr Lutz has cured Thousands of patients of all sorts of ailments including Diabetes by reducing the carbohydrate intake.He talks about BU's ie Bread units and makes one consider a diet for everyone to include only 6 bread units each day. He has a list of foods and their BU's and it does make you feel able to make up meals for a day which would be quite satisfying - you can even put in a slice of bread because you know it is 1 bread unit. You could even consider one tablespoon of sugar - another bread unit.
You can organize your day and stick to 6 bread units quite easily.

If you are a Diabetic and has tried this way of eating we would appreciate comment from you in relation to its affect on your Diabetes.

The Answer to Diabetes.

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