Metformin for Diabetes 2

Metformin for Diabetes 2 is the most popular drug prescribed.

Metformin for Diabetes 2 has been a favorite drug prescribed by Doctors in the recent past.Metformin is in the class of drugs called biguanides .It is a replacement for phenformin which was 20 times stronger than Metformin and was deleted since it fosterd Lactic Acidosis to a lethal level.Metformin helps the body by stopping the Liver from producing too much glucose especially on awakening.It also makes the cells in the body a little more sensitive to insulin and so its use will definitely lower blood sugar levels.Its real positive aspect is that it does not cause hypoglycemia unless you binge on booze or take it in combination with a sulphonylurea or other Insulin increasing type drug.

However like most drugs there are contradictions especially for those taking it who are over 80 or have poor kidney and liver function. Alas when it stops working Insulin is the solution.If you are taking Metformin alone or in combination we would like your comments on its efficacy in controlling blood sugar levels as well as any side effects that come with its use.

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