Richard S. Surwit, PhD, Book The Mind Body Diabetes Revolution: A Proven New Program for Better Blood Sugar Control

The Mind Body Connection has been presented by Richard S. Surwit in his 2004 Book . Depression,Stress and Anger can really make Blood Sugar control Difficult.I have recently been aware of my emotional states and their affect on my sugar levels and more importantly my eating habits.
I have found that Conscious efforts that allow for stress or even excitement play a great part in a Diabetics Life.If I rise a little earlier and plan my day I can contain any stress and I can eat without causing tension.All of this seems to aid my digestive system and I feel great and when I check my sugar levels they are as they should be.
I find also that I need to calm myself down with some slow heavy breathing for a good 15 minutes after an exciting movie and in particular I must not snack when watching an exciting movie.I wonder if any Diabetics have had similar experiences with emotional situations affecting their eating behaviour and blood sugar levels.Please don't hesitate to make comment.

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