Mind Power not medication should be foremost in the fight to control diabetes.

Mind Power Special Report

Mind Power techniques have been demonstrated by many that have accomplished noteworthy achievements in all facets of life.

Jon Gabriel clearly used the power of the mind to reinforce positive thought that enabled him to lose weight without Diet or exercise.

Dwayne McCulley and Dr Richard Bernstein both made use of their engineering knowledge on how to solve a problem to work out how to lower their blood sugar levels.
It is clear that one cannot achieve without putting in a more than substantial effort.Lack of knowledge can be dwarfed by energetic study. One can really do anything if is important enough.

I want you to consider the problem of diabetes the same way as I did over 10 years ago.I started searching for the answers to the cause and the possible solutions and I am still searching.I basically know now how to be happy as a diabetic but I still keep reading and checking and exploring different possibilities that will reinforce my need to keep control and even further improve my health.

Below I have some Videos to provide you inspiration.

Dr.Michael J.Duckett.

Secret mental codes

Secret of the mind.

Tony Buzan will help you maximize the power of your Brain.

Diabetic Strategies