There are so many Misconceptions about Diabetes- there should not be!.

General Misconceptions about Diabetes.

The world of Diabetes is so confused that confusion does indeed prevail. There are many that believe
1. there is a cure for Diabetes
2. only one type of Diabetes - they do not realize that Diabetes is related to high sugar readings the common symptom for all Diabetics but thats where the similarity ends for Type 1 Diabetes is quite different from Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes is again different as is Diabetes as a result of some injury or short term illness.
3. all you need to do is have a larger dose of Insulin and you can eat as much of anything as you like. There have arisen many misconceptions and it is amazing really considering the number of Diabetics in the world today.The sad point is that there are many products offered out there that proclaim to have the answer and really most a lying for one needs to monitor there sugar level constantly and diet is so important.The one thing that makes me upset is the fact that the drug companies do not mention the contradictions and the diet one should follow so that a drug could be taken for many years before it is necessary to increase the dose to keep it effective.

It is also unfortunate that many Doctors need to recommend dietitians for their education does not encompass diet - you would think that it would be important for a Doctor to know about the food we eat and not just the drugs we need to take to fix short term complications.Do you have an opinion about this - please start writing.

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