by MR.Verma
( mumbai.sector4)

Well !!! my truth is bitter, you can't say that having diabetes is an happy event in any body life period.
i am diabetic from last 20 years.tablets &insulin have been my friends from last 18 years.recently after starting medication from sb i have seen little light of hopes.
Its 1st time in my 20 years i have seen my sugar continously between 90 to 117.I will say its an record .other wise my fasting sugar use to be between 170 to 210.I had fully lost hopes bcos OF following strict restricion from my family members as adviced by our family doctor.
But now I want to share my happyness with you all .After starting SB medicine lot of things has come to my notice which I never saw in last 18 yrs..Its been 43 days i have started having this herbal medicine from sb & today i have been asked to reduce 6 unit insulin from my morning insulin dose.i am really happy for this improvement.medicine what i am having is just leaf powder which we use for cooking+methi dana powder+cashewnut powder.but this all powder is in properly calculated proportion which has boosted my pancreas to generate new beta cells.hope fully by 2011 August I will be free from insulin.if any body needs any help pls do consult sb. {}
sb puts proper effort on each &every person to provide proper proportion of powder according to every person need.its not an easy work for an normal person to do ,specially when sb is not an doctor by profession.but he is really good in plant leaves &common herbs.......thank you

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