There is always some News about Diabetes.

News about Diabetes

The number diagnosed with Diabetes is growing daily. There is always News about Diabetes. Fortunately with the Bad News there is always news that provide a little hope. I was happy to learn that a Diabetic Friend had reduced his Insulin intake from 60 units to 15.His Doctor is confident that he can reduce the insulin even more.There appears to be an acknowledgment amongst some Doctors that too much Insulin is Not a good Idea. Its about time!Obviously my Diabetic friend has needed to reduce his carbohydrate intake as well as his overall food intake to enable him to survive with less Insulin.The need to Stop putting sugars in a body that is diabetic is starting to make sense it seems.My friend asked his Doctor why he was put on such a high level of Insulin in the first place.His Doctor simply affirmed that he did, in the beginning, not have proper understanding of food and nutrition.It is sad that my friend had to put up with high levels of Insulin for over 15 years. I think that his Doctor really should have said that we did not know the dangers of High Insulin. Hopefully the news about Diabetes may have Doctors doing more homework on Nutrition.

It is interesting to Note that there has been advertising in My Australian Diabetes Association Newsletter about Dr Richard Bernstein and The Solution to Diabetes.
It seems that there may be an acknowledgment that Dr Bernstein methods of handling Type 1 Diabetes is not so wacky.
Dr Richard Bernstein's ideas in relation to Insulin Intake and Carbohydrates seem to work and perhaps the Diabetic Associations around the world might need to publicly acknowledge this very soon indeed.

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