A Diet or Process that ensures production of Nitric Oxide is most important for a Diabetic Body.

Nitric Oxide production should always be maintained high for good blood circulation.Poor Blood Circulation can contribute to a worsening scenario for a Diabetic. Diabetics are prone to have many problems which arise from poor circulation of blood in their body extremities such as feet and toes.A small cut or bruise on a Diabetic foot may not repair itself quickly due to poor circulation and if infected most times results in amputation as being the only alternative.
It is important then that more effort is placed on understanding the importance of good blood circulation. There are a number of ways of improving circulation in the blood. There are also a number of herbs,food items and special formulations that can assist and maintain good circulation.
Obviously, exercise is foremost in pushing the body and enabling more Nitric Oxide to be produced and thus increasing the metabolic rate as well as maintaining higher blood circulation flow.
The body can also be stimulated by a good body massage or by alternating hot and cold water in the shower.Circulation at body extremities for example feet and toes as well as fingers can be improved with rubbing special oils which excite the area normally by heat sensation.
Cayenne pepper,Garlic,Gingko Biloba ,Hawthorn Berries and Ginseng to name a few all aid blood circulation.
There are special supplements produced by certain companies concentrating their efforts to improve circulation.
We would appreciate some comment on any concoction or process that you have found that is best for you and your Diabetic condition.
There are many formulas which are specific for men in ensuring little loss of libido which is unfortunately a very common occurrence for Diabetics.

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