Reiki and a world of peace and definite relaxation opens up before you.

Reiki and its beginings

I stumbled accross Reiki.It possibly made me feel good because I had been very much in tune with the idea that the main reason my body had become diabetic could quite have possibly been the fact that I live on the edge. That is,I am always putting my body in a stressful situation.Alas,it is obvious when talking to friends that I must enjoy moments of difficulty that really although I seem to be relaxed may push my body into the adrenalin state too often.
Have you worked on something to the early hours of the morning?. When you are interested in something and you overdo it work wise you are in fact creating stress for the body. Some comment on this will certainly be appreciated.

I have some YouTube Videos that will put you into the Relaxation Zone. Enjoy!

Diabetics Strategies