Rest and Diabetes can be more easily brought under control.

Rest and Diabetes

Rest and Diabetes seems to ring in the same way as exercise and Diabetes.However,from my experience Rest seems to be more important than exercise.We will do exercise to a degree if we don't lay in bed all day.However,in this busy world of ours it is very difficult to enjoy being idle.It is so important to make exercise of resting.
Perhaps I should say that one needs to plan their day to include relax sessions or moments of meditation or just little naps.The Diabetic body is already in trouble with high sugar levels and anxiety caused by stress or moments of excitement or duress do not help at all in maintaining low sugar levels.
It is important that rest is the first step to setting up one's body to begin fixing itself.You could call it self hypnosis for sometimes it is difficult to achieve an hour or two of calm in the day. I aim to relax my body 3 or 4 times a day by doing deep breathing exercises.I sometimes mess it up by accidently putting myself to sleep and then I create stress for myself for I need to accomplish something in a few minutes when really I would normally do it in an hour or so.
Lately I have been going to bed too early in the morning and it only takes a couple of days of 2 to 3 hours sleep and the body starts to complain.We definitely need our rest and relax times should be planned for the day.Don't forget to get up a little earlier so that you have a chance to organize your day to be less stressful for you.If there is any diabetic out there that can maintain their blood sugar levels in control in moments of stress I would surely like to know how you do it.

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