Resveratrol and Diabetes will both be talked about at the same time in the future.

Resveratrol is important for it helps us understand Diabetes

Resveratrol and diabetes are both connected to Insulin.In actual fact It has been found to make the body more sensitive to insulin whereas Diabetes is a result of insulin insensitivity.Obviously if we have something that can counteract a normal diabetics body to become more sensitive to insulin - we must be on the right track to solving the Diabetic problem.

Interesting I find that the Level of Insulin is so important that it does even affect longevity. From my readings I have the opinion that one can live longer by merely reducing carbohydrate intake. Why?. Because carbohydrate intake triggers insulin increases in the body - and if you are a diabetic type 2 who is already very high in insulin then you can see that a Type 2 Diabetivc cannot look forward to longevity.

It is so simple - reduce your carb. intake and it seems all sorts of human failings will be halted with consequent better hope for longevity.Okay taking it to increase insulin sensitivity is fine but at what cost. It is definitely more frugal to just reduce your carbohydrate intake.
I would greatly appreciate your comments on this one.