Strategies for Diabetes..

Strategies for Diabetes become a reality as soon as we are diagnosed to have diabetes.Normally it is our Doctor who confirms that we have Diabetes. Obviously,most Doctors try to avoid prescribing Drugs and do initially recommend a Dietitian to try and change ones Diet to perhaps see if Diet alone would be enough.Once you realize that you are a Diabetic it seems that there is an automatic reaction against the use of Drugs and alternative medical advice seems to be the next step.It is noteworthy here that normally a Doctor has stated that we have no cure but a good diet could contain Diabetes to a degree - if not, then drugs in the form of pills and inevitably insulin injections in a not too distant future.We have 3 basic Strategies for Diabetes and that is to
1. Follow the Doctors advice and use Drugs
2. Consider Alternative Medicine which normally means     a herbal fix ie a non-drug solution.
3. Search for a cure or any solution which fixes the       symptoms.

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Dr.Richard Bernstein and the Diabetes Solution

Herbal Medine is supposed to cure Diabetes

Essiac Tea For Diabetes

Moringa Oliefera is a Miracle Plant - Great for Diabetics.

Some companies have combined herbs to produce a cure.

Golden Seal is a General Purpose Herb that can lower Sugar Levels.

Benfotiamine as a treatment for complications of diabetes.

One of the Strategies for Diabetes is to maintain a more alkaline body

A new Drug for Type 2 Diabetes

A Strategy for Diabetes that may possibly cure even Type 1 Diabetes

Stem Cells Research is a one of the new Strategies for Diabetes .

Treating Diabetes should be the same as treating an Allergy.

Burning Fat between Meals must be the goal for every Diabetic.

Richard S. Surwit,who says that relaxation and stress reduction techniques can enhance your body's ability to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Reiki for Diabetes - Why Not?.

Mind Power is very important as a Strategy to solve the Diabetic problem.

A good strategy for Diabetes is to start by resting your body as often as you can.

Death to Diabetes Cure

William Falcone and his The Answer to Diabetes

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