It is important to realize a main cause for a sudden Rise in Sugar Levels for a Diabetic - Stress.

Stress can cause our sugar level in the body to rise.

I am very aware of my Diabetic condition and how I react to moments of Stress ,Excitement or Tension.I make people laugh when I tell them I am not supposed to watch a good movie since the excitement forces my body to increase the sugar level in my blood.Further, when I rise late for a busy day and something always goes wrong or is unexpected I need to take a few deep breaths and then my sugar level may not go up so much.Also,don't be surprised if your sugar level rises when you are sick with a cold or an upset stomach.
It seems that a Diabetic needs to allow for moments of tension that can cause distress as well as moments of excitement.I cannot suggest that you should keep company with boring people or that you should only watch boring movies. However it is important to know your body and allow more time to relax before a big day at work or a good movie.If you are sick you should try and keep calm perhaps by watching an interesting movie or reading a good book that does not cause too much excitement.
We would surely appreciate any comments you may provide in relation to elation or concern in your life. In particular of course to the effect on your sugar levels.

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