Use the Latest Equipment for Testing Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Testing Strips

The Diabetic Associations normally recommend as well as sell the latest equipment for Diabetes. They also are very much cheaper than the chemist especially if you do not have a prescription from your Doctor.
I use an ACCU-CHEK Integra for determining my blood glucose level.
The Integra uses a cylinder with 17 strips.I normally buy 5 boxes of 3 cylinders at a time.
I have sometimes checked myself 20 times a day in an effort to better understand my response to food items or stress.
I am now quite good at guessing my sugar levels especially when they are too high.Regular checking is wise for it is important not to lose control.

We would appreciate comments in relation to equipment used and frequency of checking for optimal control.
Type 1 Diabetics can perhaps provide comment on the quantity and frequency of Insulin injected as well.

I am certain that we will gain quite a lot of information from different practices employed by diabetics around the world in their quest to keep diabetes under control.

Urine Test Strips

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