The Gabriel Method offers a totally new way to combat obesity.

The Gabriel Method Book

The Gabriel Method is a Book written by a once 187kg man called Jon Gabriel.He is now and has been for a good 5 years 83kg.His method for getting the body back to the normal range is quite revolutionary. He has not lost weight by dieting,exercising or taking drugs.

Jon puts it simply that he turned off the Fat Switch.He studied extensively for 4 years and his achievement has stunned the world.If you have diabetes and are very obese or if your Doctor like mine has stated that you are Fat then Jon's Method may be an interesting and promising alternative to lose weight.
If you have read his book and are following his method we would certainly appreciate a comment on its efficacy and whether it is easy to follow.

The Answer to Diabetes

William Falcone and The Answer to Diabetes has two very noteworthy points to consider in Dieting.
1. Medication and supplements are not essential daily- they are short term fixes when food is not available -. What is essential is the right food. and
2. Exercise is not important as Rest and if you do exercise don't tax the body and create stress unnecessarily.

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Diabetes Diet