My Personal Experience as a Type 2 Diabetic has provided passion to my need to expose Everything About Diabetes.

I wrote the following some 6 years ago - I am 57 years old now and I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for more than 10 years.
I recall many frustrations as a Diabetic.
I went through all the symptoms common to Diabetes such as Thirst,Sweating in Excess and continuous urge to urinate.
In the early days I was quite adamant that I could cure my Diabetes by not eating sugar or sweet foods.I found my sugar level did drop but my lifestyle included going to Restaurants and even running my own Restaurant; so food was always around me - and it was difficult to refrain from eating carbohydrates.
I am a Computer Programmer so I had a Computer and had access to the internet.I began searching the internet for answers.I began looking at Diets recommended by Diabetic Associations around the world.My Doctor had quite emphatically stated that I could be a Type 2 Diabetic for the rest of my life and that he had good reason to be sad for me.
My searching mind made me adamant to perhaps find some diet or food that could control my sugar level for my doctor did say that some diabetics could manage with diet alone.
I initially went on a Low Fat complex carbohydrate diet suggested by my Doctor and generally recommended by all Diabetic Associations around the world - I was ordered to lose weight and stay away from any fatty foods.I did lose weight - I started at 85kilos and went to a mere 68kilos. I was very thin .My Doctor was happy with my progress; but, I felt terrible. I found difficulty in climbing stairs,I had very little energy during the day and always wanted to go to sleep even after breakfast.I was a mess and very depressed as well for I had difficulty doing anything physical.I actually went to play golf and had to return before I completed the 1st 3 holes because my knees gave way - I could not walk up a hill - I had to drag myself to the car .

What you may ask has changed me to be the Happy Diabetic I am today?.

I was lucky to meet a happy Type 2 diabetic. He was Fit and strong and happy - he had been on a low carbohydrate diet for at least 6 months and he felt great although he was a little sad that he could not eat his favorite food rice.He was eager to help me and I was very keen to take advice.From that moment I did not look back and my body started gaining strength day by day.I am presently 91Kilos and I actually look thinner than when I was 85Kilos. My body has rejuvenated - my legs are all muscle and I can bounce into a run without hesitation. I can even stride up stairs carrying a weight.In the past I needed to put one foot first and drag the other before taking another step.
My diet changed from a near Pritikin Diet with lean meats and heaps of exercise to a High Fat Diet with very Low Carbohydrates and reasonably low protein - actually a diet very similar to Optimal Nutrition with only moderate exercise.I increase my protein intake if I need to do more physical work.

I have summarized my world as a Type 2 Diabetic in a few paragraphs - I will be writing a book.It is important to compare notes with other Diabetics and it is also important to understand everything about diabetes. I am still learning and each day I am getting closer to being more an more less resistant to insulin.

We need input in the form of comment or questions so that we can better understand why some strategies work and perhaps the Diabetics out there that are in trouble might get the help they need from our discussion. If you are a Type 2 Diabetic or a Type 1 please start writing.

I have actually written 3 Notes - Not Books but a few pages of writing in PDF format in relation to my success with Diabetes.
They are namely:-
   What to Do.
   What to Eat.
   How to Stay Healthy and Happy.

I would like all the Diabetics not only those with Type 2 Diabetes in the world to read these Notes. I will have them available to all who complete the Membership Form.That is, the Form to become a Member of Everything About Diabetes. I am going to include their location in my Thank you Page for completing the Form. Your interest and contributions will reward all Diabetics who will know that they are not alone in the fight to contain Diabetes.

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